UAP 3 Documentation - Installation

Welcome to UAP Docs - Installation

Installation Instructions.

Composer - Recommended
UserApplePie is on packagist

Install from terminal now by using:

composer create-project userapplepie/uap-user-management folder-name -s dev

The folder-name is the desired folder to be created. Ex /var/www/mysite
Manual - Files above document root:
  1. Place the contents of public into your public folder (.htaccess and index.php)
  2. Navigate to your project in terminal and type composer install to initiate the composer install.
  3. Edit public/.htaccess set the rewritebase if running on a sub folder otherwise a single / will do.
  4. Edit app/Config.example.php change the SITEURL and DIR constants. the DIR path this is relative to the project url for example / for on the root or /folder-name/ when in a folder. Also change other options as desired. Rename file as Config.php
  5. Import the database.sql to your database (Updated table PREFIX if changed in Config.php).
  6. Open your site and sign up! First User is Admin!
  7. Enjoy!

Note: For Image uploads to work, make sure the folders in '../assets/images/' have write permission by server. Note: Make sure ../app/Logs/error.log has write permissions by server.

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