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CurrentUserData Helper

This helper was designed to display user information within forums posts based on the user's ID.

It can be used within Views.

use Helpers\CurrentUserData;

// Displays Username
$username = CurrentUserData::getUserName($userID);
// Output Username
echo $username;

// Get User's Profile Image
$user_image_display = CurrentUserData::getUserImage($userID);
// Output User's Profile Image
echo "<img src='".DIR.$user_image_display."' class='img-responsive' style='margin-bottom: 2px'>";

// Get User's SignUp Date
$user_signup_display = CurrentUserData::getSignUp($userID);
// Ouput User's SignUp Date
echo $user_signup_display;

// Get and Ouput User's Group(s)
foreach(CurrentUserData::getUserGroups($userID) as $row){ echo "".$row."
"; }; // Get User's Signature $user_signature = CurrentUserData::getUserSignature($data['topic_creator']); // Output User's Signnature if(!empty($user_signature)){ echo "<hr style='margin-bottom: 0px'><font size='1'><i>Signature</i></font><hr style='margin-top: 0px'> $user_signature"; }

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