UserApplePie is a fully open source user management system. Designed from the ground up to be easily adjusted to your needs. Everything from User Management to Forums. UAP4 is built on a custom PHP MVC Framework.

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UserApplePie Announcements

7/23/19 : UAP v4.3.0 is here! We have released this new update that includes a ton of new features and updates. Download UAP v4.3.0 Now!
6/24/19 : UAP v4.3.0 is getting closer to release. We are working on some new features and fixing bugs. Check out our Github repo for the latest updates.
1/13/19 : UAP v4.2.1 has been released. We have updated everything to the latest Bootstrap and added the usage of the latest Font Awesome package. Added theme selection with use of 15+ Bootswatch themes. Made a couple bug fixes, and added new settings to the Admin Panel.

Packed Full of Features

Bootstrap Design
Font Awesome Icons
UAP MVC Framework
User Management
Group Management
Advanced User Profiles
Extra Security Features
Admin Panel
Easy to install plug-ins

UserApplePie v4 is built on a custom MVC Framework.
Forums, Friends, and Private Messaging Plug-ins Included.
You may visit the demo site: UAP 4 Demo Website
UAP 4 Demo Site Admin Login Info
Username: admin
Password: password123
UserApplePie v4 Overview
UserApplePie v4 Installation
UserApplePie v4 Admin Panel

UAP User Management

UserApplePie is designed with User Management in mind. Admins can edit users, and setup groups. User's can customize their profiles and upload images.

User Groups
User Groups
User Profile
User Profile

Easy to Install Plug-Ins

UserApplePie is designed with Plug-Ins in mind. Easy to install and use plug-ins designed for UAP.

Forum Plug-In
Forum Plug-In
Friends Plug-In
Friends Plug-In
Messages Plug-In
Messages Plug-In

UAP Forum

UserApplePie Forum is packed full of information to help you with your project. Search and ask questions when you get stuck.